Establishes digital collaboration with Sporveien

October 19, 2022

Sporveien, through its T-Bane Workshop, joins the HSEIF consortium and becomes a partner in the project.

The objective is to acquire expertise and support the company in further developing process improvement, organizational strategies, and digitalization.

H-SEIF (Human Systems-Engineering Innovation Framework) is a research project that combines industry and academia to explore methods and processes for making the most of data.

The main goal of the project is to enhance the capabilities of the industrial partners by collaboratively developing, testing, and validating processes and systems that harness the power of big data.

We look forward to working on this exciting project with many talented partners and individuals, says Bjørn Stokkeland, Business Developer at the T-Bane Workshop in Sporveien AS. As a public entity, it`s extremely important for us to stay connected to the latest advancements in future technology and engage closely with young professionals to listen to their expertise.

HSEIF provides precisely this opportunity by involving multiple master students in relevant tasks within the project, adds Stokkeland.

In the past year, HSEIF has played a vital role in providing substantial support for more than ten master's theses, which are currently serving as valuable research pillars for doctoral students. Additionally, these master's theses have directly contributed to the establishment of multiple new positions focusing on big data solutions and sustainability.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is one of the partner companies that has hired additional resources as a direct result of a master's thesis conducted within the HSEIF project. These resources are working with unique data information to develop expertise and create innovative and smarter solutions for the future. Read more here.

HSEIF's societal mission is to serve as an open consortium and a platform for sharing. Companies contribute their challenges and a research foundation for academia, and together we harvest and share experiences that propel all participants towards sustainable progress," says Kristina Hesjedal Schnell, Project Manager at Semcon. This aligns perfectly with Sporveien's strategy and societal mission of providing the most sustainable collective transportation possible within budget constraints! We are delighted to welcome Sporveien as a new and valuable partner in the project," Schnell adds.

Reduce costs through the utilization of big data

In collaboration with Sporveien, HSEIF will explore ways to extract essential information from big data and utilize it to assess maintenance needs and intervals, such as maintenance of train doors.

Historically, door maintenance costs have consistently ranked as the most significant expense within corrective maintenance. During the COVID-19 period, we have witnessed a surge in maintenance expenses. This can be attributed to the automatic opening of doors at each stop to mitigate the risk of transmission, as Stokkeland elucidates. As a result, this has caused increased wear and tear, requiring additional maintenance hours

Imagine if we could simultaneously measure the noise emitted by different components while collecting diverse sets of data that could potentially prevent the need for door component replacements?

This will enable greater utilization of the equipment by adopting a different maintenance approach - more condition-based. This minimizes waste and enhances sustainability in our work. It will also have an impact on part disposal. We will derive significant value from being able to analyze this information and plan maintenance differently than we do today, says Stokkeland.

He expresses his enthusiasm for working together with all the participants in HSEIF and delving into the opportunities presented by data and digitalization to address and rectify any errors and shortcomings.

Sporveien possesses accessible data that can be made available to students for further analysis and research. As a public entity, they have the capacity to share real user data, enabling us to gain deeper insights into processes, organizations, and user patterns.

USN (University of Southeast Norway) ensures work on real-life cases for the students. Sporveien has comprehensive datasets, which are often scarce, according to Kristin Falk, Professor of Systems Engineering & Subsea Systems at the University of Southeast Norway, Kongsberg.

Our students and professors in machine learning and computer science are eager to work with real data for teaching and research, while Systems Engineering students collaborate with and conduct research directly within industrial companies, says Falk.
We look forward to continuing to share experiences that contribute to strengthening our digital competence across different domains, adds Falk.

Partners in the project

  • Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, Kongsberg Maritime, Yeti Move, TechnipFMC, ECIT, Kartverket, AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design), USN (University of Southeast Norway), Sporveien, Semcon and Kongsberg Innovasjon. 
  • The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.